Getting packed & ready to start walking!

I am getting really excited now. I have done so much research and preparation that I am now itching to get to the starting point.

Flying out on Tuesday 21st June, then a bus to the starting point: San Juan Pie de Puerto.


An overnight stay, then early Wednesday morning the trek begins.





That first day may well be the toughest as it is mainly uphill over the Pyrenees mountains. There is a halfway stop which I may take if it starts getting close to sundown. If you sign up on the “Walk With Me” page, or enter your email in the box to your left, you will get updates on how I’m getting on. Not only with the walk but also with the writing and recording of another album.

A quick thank you to those who have already donated. As I said in my emails to you, I am deeply grateful.

If you get time, do some research on this walk. Just search for Camino de Santiago and in particular Camino de Frances which is the longest route, and also the one I’m taking.

Very best wishes,


Jun 17 2016 Billy Category: The Kid's Camino

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  1. Best of luck Bill. It is a truly inspirational journey and it has changed the way I think forever 🙂

    06-17-2016, 12:42 pm Reply
    • Thanks, buddy. I am really looking forward to it. Would love to catch up when I get back. Take good care, Pete.

      06-17-2016, 12:58 pm Reply
  2. Good luck Billy I’m sure it will be a life changing experience keep healthy and safe lots of love N & M xxxx

    06-19-2016, 10:33 am Reply

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