Tough going! We’re under the big  cloud on the right. Still less than a third of the way up!


Jun 22 2016 Billy Category: The Kid's Camino

  1. It looks so beautiful… How are you going? Xxx love you pa xxx

    06-22-2016, 11:14 am Reply
    • Tough going. Aching like a bastard!

      Tomorrow, I’ll be glad I’m “over the hill”

      It’s opening up for me now. Everywhere I go, people remember me.

      I had the pilgrims community dinner in stitches, it was so lovely. The common theme seems to make us all act like old and best friends. Regardless of nationality, age and gender.

      Love you kiddo.

      06-22-2016, 8:58 pm Reply
    • I’m tearing into it. 3 27 km walks in 3 days. Today I was first to the next stop for the first time. Fitbit told me I had walked a marathon in one day. Not bad. Day’s rest tomorrow. Blisters and neck pain. Got a beautiful single room in an old mansion in Pamplona. 2 nights 30 euros. Strange watching Nigel Farage lead a victory parade in the country that invented democracy, the judicial system and abolished slavery before anyone else. Still, gotta keep on walking. Pa xxxx

      06-24-2016, 8:01 pm Reply
  2. Hey Billy-boy, how’s it going? Hope you’re having an amazing adventure! I miss you lots. Take care of yourself xxxx

    06-23-2016, 7:27 pm Reply
    • 2 long walks in two days. About 27 km a day. No blisters and no pain… Yet.

      33% each day was tough. But tomorrow it drops a little.

      In a big row with Vodafone. Keep telling me different data usage every time I ask!

      Just having food for the first time since 7am this morning. All is well. Xxx

      06-23-2016, 8:28 pm Reply
  3. You are doing great! Long way to go but you can do this!

    06-24-2016, 9:55 am Reply

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