Over The Hill Then A Monastery That Tortures You With Flip Flops!

(This post was written on Wednesday night, only now had the time and means to post it}

Before I tell you about my day, let’s get one thing straight : I have,  do and always will hate flip flops. In the history of footwear nothing, (for me) comes even close to their their non-functional, idiotic sounding, uselessness. But I  digress.

It’s been a quite an incredible day. Unlike anything I have attempted before.

So the degree of incline, on a scale of 1 to 10, those 26 km are a 9. It was 33 degrees, until you got 3/4 of the way up, when you’re walking into such a  powerful wind, that, when you open your mouth to talk,  your face cheeks are flailing around like the aforementioned slippers!

Any way I made it. I hurt everywhere.

You reach the summit and before you rises a beautiful and very old Monastery.


They ask you to remove your boots for the rest of your stay. With hindsight I should have brought alternative footwear but, when travelling light is all that counts, space in your backpack is premium.

So they sadly sold me a pair of flip flops for a meagre  5 euros.

Second check in, this one more treasured.

This is my Camino passport, everyone has to have one.

Here is that second check in stamp.

Quick sort through my stuff and now it’s time to be brutal and discard everything that ain’t essential. Long trousers, I pair, 1 shirt, I pullover. Plus other items I could live without.

The staff are very kind and helpful.

Having been allocated a bunk, off for a shower.

Beautiful. Hot and spotless. It was like a cleansing massage. I stayed for as long as my legs would hold me up.

Then the pilgrims community dinner at 7pm.

Within 45 minutes everyone, from all parts of the world, knew everyone else.

On my way back to the main building, this almost broke my heart.

Flip flopped back to my bunk. My body aches for oblivion.

Goodnight my friends.

Love is in the air.


Not sure if these videos are in the right order.

Too tired to check. I’ll edit them together tomorrow. (if they’re not here, it is because of trouble with uploading big files)

Jun 24 2016 Billy Category: The Kid's Camino

  1. Hey Billy,

    I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying your trip and are keeping well! I look forward to reading your updates.

    While you were trekking in the beautiful Spanish countryside, the UK voted to leave the EU and Cameron resigned! It’s a very strange atmosphere at work, people are shocked.

    Take care and speak soon,

    Gaynor xxx

    p.s. There are no videos on this post, only photos.

    06-24-2016, 9:55 am Reply

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