The Post Man Always Sings Twice…

Hi everyone. With a lack of WiFi and phone signal up in the Pyrenees, I simply couldn’t post after yesterday’s monster of a walk. Best part is I made it and yesterday’s post, which has some short video clips, is uploading as I write.


Today was a little easier but up and down mountain sides in 33% heat was never going to be that easy.



I’m now through 2 days of 27 km per day and I’m feeling OK.

Thank you all for all your encouraging notes and comments. I look forward to them at the end of each draining day.

We are now in the small town of Zubiri trying to clean up and cool down.

When we first arrived, I went and soaked my feet in the cold, narrow river. Felt like that moment you put a hot pan in cold water. TSssssssss.

Falling asleep, so beat.

Hopefully yesterday’s post will load in the a few minutes and   you’ll get an update into your mailbox.

I keep nodding off as try to write….


Jun 24 2016 Billy Category: The Kid's Camino

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