In Honour Of A Different James

In Honour Of A Different James

See the shell tied to my rucksack? They give you those at the start.

Right before the end there is a huge and historic pile of stones of all shapes and sizes at a place called The Iron Cross. Pilgrims leave a momento  there in honour of a lost loved one.

I took an indelible marker and added a J.

When I get to that spot, I will lay my shell to rest there in honour of my brother, James who died back in 1984 aged 29.

Once I realised that this walk is called The Way of Saint James and that Santiago is roughly translated as St James, I had no choice.

Billy Franks


I did reach the Iron Cross just 2 days ago while the moon was still full.

There I met a lady called Clara. I asked her to capture my laying of my shell.

She then a asked the same of me.

It turns out she too had lost a sibling. A sister, Laura.

We spoke for a while and I could feel the sense of unspoken understanding between us. She looked tearful but also serene in the knowledge that we had both arrived at the same time and the same day to pay respects not only to our own lost loved ones, but also to each other’s.

It is a moment I could never forget.

For James & Laura.



Jun 25 2016 Billy Category: The Kid's Camino

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  1. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of catalonia my Bro it’s a lovely part of Spain lived a short time in pomferrada on my travels loved it . Be lucky Bro oh and white spirit hardens up your feet if you soak them .
    See you soon G&L xx

    06-25-2016, 10:42 am Reply
    • Thank you my friend. So far it has been hard but beautiful. There are times when even the hard roads are a joy.

      Luckily today is a rest day.
      I say rest day but I’ve walked 7 km just look at Pamplona.

      Hope you’re keeping well, brother.
      Love to you and Lynn.
      Billy x x

      06-25-2016, 4:56 pm Reply

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