Carrion Up The #Camino

L0uzlkc5 Days spent walking the Camino are serene, thoughtful and inspiring. Your evenings are a different matter. They are usually communal and bring together a vast array of people from all over the world and of a variety of ages, faiths and backgrounds.

There evenings are fun.

My time spent in Carrion was farcical, mysterious but more than anything else, heartwarming.

It all began as the sun was setting and I came downhill on the quiet approach road into the town.

I saw what looked like a centuries old wooden shack with the word, Cafe, painted shoddily on its roof.

I was out of water so thought I may as well grab a couple of bottles here.

What I walked into was a scene from Alice in Wonderland.

There was 2 teepees in the garden, a cockerell, A scruffy tiny terrier  and a baby pig all howling like a Frank Zappa inspired horn section.

At the table sat a woman in a trance, A couple playing the bongos and a man, obviously the cult leader, who looked like the runner up in a Bin Laden lookalike contest who was playing all the notes he could find on his penny whistle.

I purchased my water and was about to leave when Bin offered me a guitar and said in an inoffensive growl, “jam session!”

It wasn’t a question. So this happened.

So, bizarre musical interlude over. I head up into the main town of Carrion. It’s not so big and all the albergues are full. The only bed in town was in a convent.

The nuns were very sweet and they showed me to my room which was spotless. I slept well and woke at 5am and was ready to leave and meet a fellow Camino Bandito outside the church where we had watched a flamence/classical guitar player the evening before. But something was afoot…..

Mystery still unsolved but a solution was found due to the generosity of a good friend.

During all this carry on, the young girl in the picture below was so sweet and helpful. Not only did she try  and unravel the missing boots mystery, she also arranged for me to have dinner with her family.


They were so wonderful. Not only did they feed me. The father gave me a pair of very expensive anti blister socks.

The mother, Lucia (same name as her daughter) said something that was so insightful, regarding my personality. Something no one has ever uttered before. Even though I have known it for decades.

She said. “You are so much like the character, Huckleberry Fin. You wouldn’t go to school and you would never go to Mass but would set out on your own in search of new adventures.”

I was moved so deeply, I felt tears filling my eyes.

Billy Franks


Jul 13 2016 Billy Category: The Kid's Camino

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  1. Did the priest open the door? xxx

    07-13-2016, 6:24 pm Reply

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