An Atheist Among the Adoring

An Atheist Among the Adoring

This path was built and paved by missionary pilgrims.  Every town, no matter how small, has a plaza mayor where the locals will sit facing the cathedral. Are their conversations confessional? Their pontificating a form of prayer or praise? It’s not too hard to believe.

Sometimes I feel under scrutiny. Do they sense an Atheist Among the Adoring? 
In the bigger towns, Leon, Burgos and I’m certain, Santiago, the pageantry and ceremony is so extravagant, it’s as if those taking part are trying to prove themselves worthy to be allowed into the house of their God so as to be reunited with those they have loved and lost.
It is the sharpest of double edged swords.

My heart hurts for them as a life in the here and now is dismissed for a life of the there and then.
But I cannot ignore my frustration.
Had I walked the same distance South from St Jean Pied du Port, I would be at the scene of an atrocity carried out in the name of a different God promising an alternative paradise.
Do the followers of one faith not give credence to the followers of another. Even if the rival faith commits acts of such depravity and inhumanity?

Is the treacherous tale of virgin birth, multiple miracles and resurrection that ends in the house of the Lord in eternal bliss, any different to the sickness of sharia law and the promise of numerous virgins in exchange for a murderous martyrdom?
The behaviour of any faith or nation two thousand years ago are ridiculous and spiteful in a post Darwin and Einstein world.
We have grown up. Yet so many cling to the sweetened tales of humanities infancy.
I can’t dislike or dishonour  them. But it is and always will be my duty to challenge them.
With love.
Billy x

Jul 16 2016 Billy Category: The Kid's Camino

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