The House of Love That Leo Built

Yesterday I took the hill road from Ponferrada to Villafranca. Around 9 hours of walking solitude.

On arrival I did what I always do, headed directly to the albergue I had chosen the night before. I have yet to make a bad choice but I have yet to make a better one.



FB_IMG_1469345658107Here is the introduction to their Facebook page. Please take a look and follow. I have made no changes to the translation because the sentiments shine through and this version is woven with its own unique beauty and charm.
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We want to say thank you to all the walkers, step by step, you travel the road that leads to the hostel, Leo and that with your company and you gave us your concerns, your lost, your goals and your dreams. Thank you because every step that you gave to get served an impetus to continue fighting for this project and has given us the spirit to keep waking up every day that dawns, with the illusion and the desire to get to make the small things something big. Thank you for this story and drawing, that any day, but full of magic, they gave us some wonderful walkers.

The Alberguero of heaven
Leo was a good man of the area del bierzo. Worker and humble lived in a big house and the nearby river, in the middle of the street of the water, where the pilgrims on the camino de Santiago. I had three small granddaughters scurrying and played by the stairs of the hacienda never dreaming that one day they’d give shelter to the walker. When Leo followed the yellow arrows that lead people to the path of the milky way, the big house was forgotten and was only gone for the time. There was no childhood in it, no laughter, no more games. In this whimsical life that rewards the bad guy and condemnation of the well, one of his granddaughters marched next to him and the house was silent. Tears on the ground and heaviness in the backpacks. And Behold, the fate played again. I don’t know how, or where, or who came up with the idea, but I know that from heaven leo and his granddaughter moved the threads. The road is like this, life is like that. And still there’s always that follow. The big house was rebuilt, reformed and inhabited again. It has become a shelter of pilgrims attended by the granddaughters of Leo, the bearing with mastery its heavenly names that are Angela and Maria. Have returned to the house the words, the experiences, the hearts and the smiles. Shelter for the pilgrims, link for the sisters, memory for those who are gone and in the sky a alberguero. And this is his story, of Leo and the hostel, the of his granddaughters, that of life and that of the magic of the way. 

Here is a video from my 4 days as a family member.

 I am at heart, at home.
Jul 26 2016 Billy Category: The Kid's Camino


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